Nawasabi Shibari



Ho ho ho ...

So … it is nearly the end of the year and we (Schwarzes Biest, me and the whole Nawasabi family) wish you all fantastic holidays! 2017 was a great year, we were traveling all around Europe and have even visited Moscow one more time. It was awesome! Thank you for your incredible support. This is what keeps us going! Even when it was more exciting than ever before, we have decided to stop performing for a while. We really love to be on stage, but we feel that we need to have a little break to rest. If you have seen our shows in Hamburg, Moscow or London, you know that we always give 100%, very acrobatic, extremely fast and hard. That is how we love it, but we're not getting any younger. We rather want to save our energy for our students and focus on our teaching for a while. So … this is not the end of our stage career, but we will be on holidays for a little while ;)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone of you!
XOXO Nawasabi & Schwarzes Biest

... soon


Back from Vienna & Osada Steve

I am just back from the Kinbaku Dojo Vienna, where I met Osada Steve Sensei, joined his class and some private tuition. It is like always when I meet him. I am deeply touched and inspired. Beside that it was a great chance to meet some friends like Vinciens and his lovely Kenyade. Both run the Austrian Dojo and were very hospitable. So, now it's time to process all the impressions and to sort out all my notes and doodles. As far as I know, Sensei will stay in Austria for one more week and than visit Germany (Four Eelements, Königswinter). Please drop a line to Michael Ropeknight if you are interested in gathering some tuition.

It's nearly impossible ...

… to find good books about Kinbaku. Apart from Master K's work there are not many out on the market which I would recommend. But there is a little light shining at the end of the tunnel. My friend Georg Barkas just has finished his writings about communication via the medium of rope and even if I am not completely through, I already guess that this book will become one of the standards in the book shelf of each Kinbaku enthusiast.

Buy it here …