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discoverthe beauty of shibari

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Some brief facts about me

- rope artist
- musician
- conductor of my own perverse life opera
- eternal seeker and learner

I am working as a professional rope artist and teacher since 2016. The rope community knows me for my performances and workshops all over Europe. Some of the highlights include Boundcon (GER), Bound (UK), Moscow Knot (RU), The London Festival of Rope Art (UK) and Rope Spirit (CZ). My entry into Shibari began in late 2010. Since that point I have studied intensively Japanese bondage, especially the styles based on the work of grandmaster Aketchi Denki. My passion and my goal to master this art have driven me several times all around the globe. I have studied with Nawashi Kanna, Yukimura Haruki, but most of all I feel inspired by my teacher Osada Steve Sensei.

And for a while the world stands still.

"Shibari is the most beautiful way for me to get lost in my partner. Every session is like a first kiss."